The actiontypes
Actions A list of actions possible in the game. Actions = Resting Fishing PlantingTrees
DefaultAction The default action of a NormalHuman when he is not performing a specific task or when it is impossible to perform the assigned task. DefaultAction = Resting
EnergyBufferActions The actions which can be performed when the human is using his energy buffer. EnergyBufferActions = Resting Fishing Hunting
Properties of actiontypes
Action.priority The priority for this action. Humans which are doing a high priority task will be allowed to perform first. Typical high priority tasks are searching food. When a human is using his energy buffer it's priority will be raised. Fishing.priority = 20
Action.usesResources A list of world resources the action uses. Fishing.usesResources = Food(2)
Action.producesResources A list of world resources the action produces. Fishing.producesResources = Food(10)
Action.usesLandResources A list of land resources the action uses. WoodChopping.usesLandResources = Trees(20)
Action.producesLandResources A list of land resources the action produces. PlantingTrees.producesLandResources = BabyTrees(10)
Action.influencedBy A list of world resources by which the action is influenced. The amount of world/land resources produced will be influenced by this world resource. Fishing.influencedBy = Happiness
Action.lands A list of land types on which the action is possible. Fishing.lands = Water
Action.transformsLand A list of land transformations and their transformation criterium. PlantingTrees.transformsLand = PlainLand-BabyForest(BabyTrees=100)
Action.maximizing If the human has to search a square to perform this action, must he try to maximize or minimize the land resources? MakingLand.maximizing = true
Action.explored Must the landtype be explored to perform this action? Exploring.explored = false

The data used for the project

## actions.prop ##

Actions = Resting Fishing Hunting GeoInvestigation MakingLand WoodChopping RemovingRoots PlantingTrees TransformingRocks Constructing Exploring
DefaultAction = Resting
EnergyBufferActions = Resting Fishing Hunting

Resting.usesResources = Food(1)
Resting.lands = PlainLand Water Forest Rocks Roots BabyForest
Resting.priority = 10

Fishing.usesResources = Food(2)
Fishing.producesResources = Food(10)
Fishing.influencedBy = Happiness
Fishing.lands = Water
Fishing.priority = 11

Hunting.usesResources = Food(4)
Hunting.producesResources = Food(12)
Hunting.influencedBy = Happiness
Hunting.lands = Forest
Hunting.priority = 11

GeoInvestigation.usesResources = Food(2)
GeoInvestigation.influencedBy = Happiness
GeoInvestigation.lands = PlainLand Water Forest Rocks Roots BabyForest
GeoInvestigation.reveals = Coals(25)

MakingLand.usesResources = Food(4)
MakingLand.usesLandResources = Water(10)
MakingLand.influencedBy = Happiness
MakingLand.lands = Water
MakingLand.transformsLand = Water-PlainLand(Water=0)
MakingLand.maximizing = true

WoodChopping.usesResources = Food(4)
WoodChopping.usesLandResources = Trees(20)
WoodChopping.producesResources = ChoppedWood(10)
WoodChopping.influencedBy = Happiness
WoodChopping.lands = Forest
WoodChopping.transformsLand = Forest-Roots(Trees=0)
WoodChopping.maximizing = false

RemovingRoots.usesResources = Food(4)
RemovingRoots.usesLandResources = Roots(20)
RemovingRoots.producesResources = ChoppedWood(1)
RemovingRoots.influencedBy = Happiness
RemovingRoots.lands = Roots
RemovingRoots.transformsLand = Roots-PlainLand(Roots=0)
RemovingRoots.maximizing = false

PlantingTrees.usesResources = Food(4)
PlantingTrees.producesLandResources = BabyTrees(10)
PlantingTrees.influencedBy = Happiness
PlantingTrees.lands = PlainLand Roots
PlantingTrees.transformsLand = PlainLand-BabyForest(BabyTrees=100) Roots-BabyForest(BabyTrees=100)

TransformingRocks.usesResources = Food(5)
TransformingRocks.usesLandResources = Rocks(10)
TransformingRocks.producesResources = BuildingMaterial(10)
TransformingRocks.influencedBy = Happiness
TransformingRocks.lands = Rocks
TransformingRocks.transformsLand = Rocks-PlainLand(Rocks=0)

Exploring.usesResources = Food(2)
Exploring.explored = false
Exploring.speed = 25
Exploring.lands = PlainLand Water Forest Rocks Roots BabyForest

## the rest of constructing is to be found in constructions.prop
Constructing.influencedBy = Happiness