Class SimpleConstruction


public class SimpleConstruction
extends Construction

A meta-instance of a Construction. Used for all constructions which can be completely defined in the propfiles.

Constructor Summary
SimpleConstruction(String name, List squares)
          Create a simple construction.

Method Summary
 void_evolve(double value)
          The template evolve method.
          The name of this construction.
 protected voidsetName(String name)
          Set the name of this construction.

Methods inherited from class evolution.constructions.Construction
construct, doChecks, evolve, getConstructionState, getInfo, getPriority, getProducesResources, getSize, getSquares, getState, getUsesLandResources, getUsesResources, hasEnoughResources, isBeingBuild, isProduction, isWorking, maxEnergyProduction, modifyLandResources, modifyResources, producesEnergy, producesResourcesNames, setSquares, setWorking, signalStateChange

Constructor Detail


public SimpleConstruction(String name, List squares)
Create a simple construction.
Method Detail


public void _evolve(double value)
The template evolve method.


public String getName()
The name of this construction.


protected void setName(String name)
Set the name of this construction.

Association Links

to Class java.lang.String

The name of this construction.

a gvijf production