Uses of Class

Packages that use Action

Uses of Action in evolution

Methods in evolution that return Action
          Get the action for this human.

Methods in evolution with parameters of type Action
protected voidHuman.evolve(Action action)
          Evolve by doing the given action.
protected voidHuman.findSquare(Action action)
          Find some squares to do the given action on.
protected voidHuman.setAction(Action a)
          Set the action for this human.

Uses of Action in evolution.actions

Subclasses of Action in evolution.actions
class Constructing
          Construction of a building.
class Exploring
          Exploring land.
class GeoInvestigation
          Investigate a land for coals.
class SimpleAction
          SimpleAction represents all actions for which no extra code should be written to define the behaviour.

Methods in evolution.actions that return Action
          Return an instance of the default action type.
ActionActionKnowledgeCatalog.instantiate(String actionName)
          Instantiate the action with the given name on the given square.

Methods in evolution.actions with parameters of type Action
doubleActionKnowledgeCatalog.getPriority(Action action)
          The normal priority for this action.
MapActionKnowledgeCatalog.reveals(Action action)
          A hash of resources/speeds for the given action.

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