Uses of Class

Packages that use Evolver

Uses of Evolver in evolution

Classes in evolution that implement Evolver
class CreationPower
          The creation power of the player.
class Evolution.LivingBeingTester
          For debugging.
class Human
          Class of humans.

Methods in evolution with parameters of type Evolver
synchronized voidEvolution.deregister(Evolver e)
          Deregister an Evolver.
synchronized voidEvolution.register(Evolver e)
          Register an Evolver.

Uses of Evolver in evolution.constructions

Classes in evolution.constructions that implement Evolver
class Construction
          Abstract class of constructions.

Uses of Evolver in evolution.lands

Classes in evolution.lands that implement Evolver
class SquareOfLand
          Class of squares of land.

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