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Packages that use Event

Uses of Event in evolution

Methods in evolution with parameters of type Event
voidHumanSelection.update(Event evt)
          Triggered by the eventmanager when a human dies.
voidWorldController.update(Event evt)
          Called when an event happens this observer is interested in.

Uses of Event in

Subclasses of Event in
class ClockTickEvt
          Triggered when the clock makes a tick.
class HumanDiedEvt
          Event triggered when a human died.
class SquareChangedEvt
          Event fired when a square changed.
class SquareSelectedEvt
          Event fired when a square gets selected.
class SystemMessageEvt
          Event fired when a new system message is generated.

Methods in with parameters of type Event
voidEventManager.signalEvent(Event event)
          Signal a new event.
voidObserver.update(Event event)
          Called whenever an event for which this observer registered is triggered.

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