Class Diagram evolution

Class Summary
CreationPowerThe creation power of the player.
CreationPowerInsufficientExceptionThrown when the creation power is to low to create another human.
EmptyEnergyBufferExceptionThis exception is thrown when the human's energybuffer becomes empty.
EvolutionRepresent evolution (time).
EvolutionKnowledgeCatalogThe general Evolution KnowledgeCatalog.
EvolverInterface for objects which want to register by the Evolution manager.
GameBoardThe GameBoard keeps tracks of all the SquareOfLand objects.
HumanClass of humans.
HumanSelectionA class to make human selections.
InfoListA list of information.
InvalidVisionRangeExceptionA class of InvalidVisionRangeExceptions.
KnowledgeCatalogAbstract class of knowledgecatalogs.
NoHumanSelectionExceptionThrown when the human selection is empty and world needs to pop a human from the selection.
PriorityComparatorA class that implements Comparator.
SystemMessageClass of system messages.
WorldRepresents the game world.
WorldControllerA class of world controllers.

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